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Turn The Tables

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I applaud Dr. Oz for putting his foot down and taking action to stop marketers from using his name, picture and videos to promote their products without his permission.

Given the proliferation of passive affiliate marketing arrangements, the rip-off of Dr. Oz’s reputation and integrity has become so widespread that you would think he was promoting hundreds and hundreds of offers and convincing unknowing consumers to buy a slew of products to improve their health.

Not true.

Well, watch this video and see how Dr. Oz is using the power of his huge audience to turn the tables on the marketers who took the easy (and illegal) route to pump up the appeal of their products.

The takeaways —

  • If you have a strong brand, protect it.
  • Your name and picture are YOURS.
  • If you are a marketer, play by the rules.


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On April 30, 2014

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